Our Products

Models: T100, T150, T300, T750, T1000 and T2000

Frits Stephan GmbH

Meyer-Haake GmbH

  • Radio Surg2200 unit of 2.2 MHz (less tissue adhesive)
  • Wound treatment (innovative tissue adhesive for effective wound treatment) ìEpigluî
  • Anti-Aging ìRF-ReFacing (Gentle anti-aging with radio waves) & Specialized Cosmeticsî
  • Emergency loo (Disposable urinal with super absorber for men, women and children)
  • Smoke evacuation (professional smoke evacuation for the safety of the sergeants’ in the operating theatre) ìSmokeSTAR

Rigel/ Seaward Group

  • Electrical safety analyzers ìsafe test 60, Rigel 288+, Rigel 62353 +î
  • Vital signs simulators ìunisem, patSIM 200, BP-SIM NIBP simulator, SP-SIM SpO2 Simulator and PULS-R SpO2 finger simulatorî
  • Gas flow analyzer ìRigel Ven test 800î
  • Performance analyzersìmulti-flo infusion pump analyzer, Unipulse 400 defibrillator analyzer and Uni-Therm high current electrosurgical analyzerî

Ludlum Measurements

  • Survey meters
  • Radiation detectors
  • General purpose meters
  • Dosimeters
  • Test Equipment


  • Latex free probe covers
  • Needle Guides for biopsy work


  • Aprons and wearable
  • Barriers, shields and curtains
  • Gloves
  • Eye wear
  • Apron racks and hangers


  • PET Quality control
  • Dosimeters
  • Hot lap and Nuclear medicine


Gramme Revit GmbH

Med Arthro ñ the combination of Hyaluronic acid and Chondroitin to relief pain and rebuild the joints

DANUBE International

  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Flatwork Ironers
  • Professional Equipment
  • Self- service equipment
  • Finishing equipment