We have 27 years of experience


  • Our Products are of the highest quality- Quality in Management, we set very high Standards internally, from communications to after sales services.
  • Apart from routine upgrades, some of our products have been around since 1999 Our founder was so meticulous about quality that he regularly convinced our partners of updating their software to meet his expectations.
  • We are certified providers of technical support for all Stephan products in the MENA Region.


  • Our market leading after sales services ensure customer satisfaction and trust. As a medically ethical and customer-centric business, we consider operating beyond business norms as our fundamental duty.
  • We conduct impromptu visits to client sites in order to ensure that the equipment is operating perfectly. We take this responsibility very seriously
  • Aside from the cost of substitute hardware, we do not charge for technical support.


  • Delegation is a powerful tool that forms the basis of our†organizational success.
  • Delegation gives employees the opportunity to be involved in completing important assignments, as well as foster accountability†for the work that they accomplish.
  • This decentralization provides us with an efficient team whose contributions are acknowledged, and a built-in succession plan that comforts our partners and clients.


  • Our clients love us! All our relationships our mutually-trusting.
  • We have worked with every type of health provider from Public & Private hospitals, to NGOs, Doctorís clinics, and other associations.
  • We do not consider ourselves to be traders, we do not move boxes and set up equipment. Instead, we provide solutions. In an increasingly profit-led industry, our customers appreciate our devotion to medical ethics

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